About Me

A school social worker by day and a mama by every other waking moment, I can typically be found laughing with my husband and two young children, drinking room-temperature coffee, and enjoying spontaneous pajama dance parties just outside of Chicago.
I read voraciously, love critiquing, and, of course, write, write, write!
I mostly write heartfelt and humorous picture books and fantasy middle grade.

(Loos rhymes with “close.” As in, you try to say it and I smile and say “close, it’s Loos!” and we both laugh, and now we’re best friends.)

Writing: Credentials & Such

  • Conferences:
    • ABLA Big Sur Writing Conference in Cape Cod, 2022
    • SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference, 2021
    • SCBWI Oregon BiAnnual Conference 2021
    • SCBWI Southern Breeze Critique Fest, 2021
    • SCBWI Inland Northwest Agent Day, 2021
    • SCBWI Houston Virtual Conference, 2020
    • SCBWI Summer Spectacular, 2020
    • SCBWI Marvelous Midwest Conference, 2019
  • Classes: 
    • Making Picture Book Magic with Susanna Leonard Hill
  • Participant: 
    • Storystorm, January 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019
    • NF Fest (Non-Fiction Fest), February 2021, 2020
    • ReFoReMo (Read for Research Month), March2019
    • NaPiBoWeWee (National Picture Book Writing Week), May 2019
    • ReVISIONweek, September 2019
    • #PBChat, ongoing
  • Interesting Tidbits:
    • My young childhood was mostly spent playing dress-up and imagining grand adventures
    • Once I could read and write, a large portion of time was devoted to reading and writing about adventures
    • I was struck by lightning while at an overnight Girl Scout Camp when I was 8! (I developed ZERO super powers but did have the special privilege of eating an orange in the cafeteria the next morning).
    • I have thousands of happy memories on the stage of my local community theater. Pictured below: a starring in the glamorous role of Bilbo Baggins in a stage adaptation of The Hobbit.
    • In High School I was voted both “Class Mom” and “Co-Prom Queen” (“co” because it was a tie. I voted for the other girl because “class mom” was really more on brand)
    • I studied abroad in Norwich, England for a semester
    • I’m allergic to exercise! Really! If I don’t take an antihistamine before cardio and/or adventures, I break out in hives.
    • I’ve taken improvisation classes at Second City and Improv Olympics (iO) in Chicago and have had the honor of performing on stages at both.
    • I’ve been working since I was 15 and have worked as a server in an assisted living facility, a hostess, a barista, a waitress, a camp counselor (both day and overnight), a resident advisor, front desk work in the U of I’s engineering library, substitute teacher in a Child Development Lab, lead worker in a Crisis Nursery, administrative support in an emergency shelter for women, and as a school social worker!
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