I have multiple picture book manuscripts including stories that are humorous, lyrical, STEM, fiction, and non-fiction. The aesthetics for my two complete middle grade novels can be found below.

WREN & THE SCARECROW (37,000 words):
When a lonely, grief-stricken girl accidentally wakes the village scarecrow, she’s comforted by his loyalty and companionship…until his friendship turns to jealousy. She must find a way to stop him or lose everything, and everyone, she holds dear.  

THE WITCH’S AWAKENING (58,000 words):
To save her best friend, a girl who has spent her life in the shadows must sneak past her kingdom’s closed borders, confront overconfident kidnappers, manage misunderstood trolls, pacify disgruntled dragons, and discover a magic that’s been hidden inside her all along.

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