What is MIDDLE GRADE without a little magic….

The Witch’s Awakening:
When the princess goes missing a week before her crowning ceremony, her best friend must sneak past the kingdom’s closed borders, confront kidnappers, manage misunderstood trolls, pacify disgruntled dragons, and discover a magic that’s been hidden inside her all along in order to save the kingdom.
Wren and the Scarecrow:
When a shy, grief-stricken girl accidentally brings the village scarecrow to life, she’s glad to finally have a friend. But as the scarecrow’s loyalty turns sinister, she must find a way to put him back to sleep, or risk losing everything, and everyone, she holds dear.

I have several completed PICTURE BOOKS available upon request including, but not limited to:

  • A lyrical ode to the magic of the early morning
  • A unicorn who really can’t be bothered with singing, dancing, or bright colors
  • A skunk, opossum, and hedgehog who want to be Forest Rangers but really stink under pressure
  • An octopus stuffie torn between her lifelong dream of becoming a mermaid and staying loyal to her human best friend
  • A nonfiction parallel narrative about the discovery of insulin and one of the first young people to receive this life saving treatment
  • A loving, lyrical tribute to focusing on what really matters when a loved one has dementia
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