Ways to Keep Busy & Feel Better While Querying:

So you’re querying. Or doing something equally exciting and terrifying. It’s infiltrating your thoughts, your dreams. You’re checking your email 100 times a day and your new mantra of “one day at a time” has lost it’s luster. What now? Well, first, check out way more novels from the library than you can read. Then,Continue reading “Ways to Keep Busy & Feel Better While Querying:”

Bringing “Dead Ideas” to Life for #KidLitZombieWeek

***THIS BLOG POST ORIGINALLY APPEARED AS A GUEST BLOG POST FOR #KIDLITZOMBIEWEEK! You can read the whole post here. Gifs were expertly curated by Sarah Meade who knows me well. Bringing a manuscript back from the dead can be daunting. You don’t need candles or a skilled medium, but you do need to believe inContinue reading “Bringing “Dead Ideas” to Life for #KidLitZombieWeek”

2022 50 Precious Words

Well, it’s been a minute. But this return-of-the-blog post is brought to you by none other than Vivian Kirkfield’s amazing #50PreciousWords contest. The challenge is to write a story with a beginning, middle, and an end, in 50 words or less! It feels impossible at first but pop over to Vivian’s page to see howContinue reading “2022 50 Precious Words”

Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2021 Holiday Contest

I like to joke that Susanna Leonard Hill is my personal patron saint of inspiration. Her 2018 holiday contest is what got me back into writing for others. Her challenges have just enough structure to spark an idea but enough freedom to let my imagination roam. The sparse word count forces me to focus onContinue reading “Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2021 Holiday Contest”

Just write. Or, at least think.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for months. But, I haven’t felt like I had anything worthwhile to say. It feels like my words, these posts, should carry some sort of weight. They should be entertaining or inspirational or just downright delightful. But, that is also kind of daunting. I’ve been working withContinue reading “Just write. Or, at least think.”

#50PreciousWords 2021 Entry

You know this blog entry is about a contest, right? Vivian Kirkfield has a yearly contest, called #50PreciousWords, where she challenges writers to create a full story (with arc) in 50 words or less! 50 words. A full story. I know. This year, there were 770 entries! The fact that 770 writers were able toContinue reading “#50PreciousWords 2021 Entry”

2021 Valentiny: Stella & Hank

By now, you probably know how I feel about Susanna Leonard Hill’s writing contests! I love them! A blank page makes my anxiety rear it’s head but a structured challenge inspires ideas to flow! The Valentiny contest rules include creating a story for children with a full story arc in 214 words or less. ThisContinue reading “2021 Valentiny: Stella & Hank”

Organization Tips From An Unorganized Brain

My brain is not organized. It never has been and it likely never will be. I mean, I’m not complaining because it works for me and it has forced me to externally organized. And I’ve learned some tips to help my brain over the years. I would LOVE to hear what you do and whatContinue reading “Organization Tips From An Unorganized Brain”

Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2020 Holiday Contest

Pulling out my coziest socks, admiring the lights around the neighborhood, making little people-shaped ginger cookies to devour… ah yes, it must be time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest! Are you tired of me raving about her contests yet? There’s something so freeing and FUN about having a limited amount of time and aContinue reading “Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2020 Holiday Contest”