Showing Up for Yourself

Sometimes I like to think that there is a parallel universe where parallel-universe-Nicole is still going to work and interacting with extended family members in person and grocery shopping without a mask while listening to news updates about our first female president. I hope she’s happy. She has a lot to be grateful for.

And, honestly, in this universe and, specifically in my little bubble, I also have a lot to be grateful for – even nine weeks deep in a statewide shelter-in-place! OBVIOUSLY – the health of my family. Also, jobs. And food. And sunshine. And on and on and on. I have been surprisingly focused in the scraps of spare time I have been able to carve out for writing too. Uh, recently, at least. Which definitely counts.

But, still, a global pandemic can be intimidating, to say the least. So, I wanted to share NPR’s lovely illustrated guide to showing up for yourself.

Please make sure you are taking care of yourself. Even if you have a lot to be grateful for, it’s still very okay to feel scared and unsure and anxious and guilty and mad and confused and frustrated. All your feelings are very valid. But, if you can, try to find ways to increase your favorite ways to feel and decrease the ones that leave you feeling hollow. I think that guide can help.

Published by Nicole Loos Miller

Mama, LCSW, member of SCBWI and 12x12. Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes and I never get enough sleep. Also, I think you are great.

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