#KidLitHoliYAY: Day 4

I am so excited to host the fourth day of #KidLitHoliyay with some of my Critique Sisters: Maryna Doughty, Dedra Davis, Sarah Meade, Sarah Heaton, and Ciara O’Neal!

And I am very excited to feature HAPPY LLAMAKAH! by Laura Gehl, Illustrated by Lydia Nichols

I love this book. It’s sweet, it rhymes, it’s punny, it has llamas! What’s NOT to love?

I did not celebrate Hanukkah growing up but a friend of mine did and I was always overjoyed when invited over. The smell of the latkes, the laughter of the games, and when they lit the candles on their beautiful menorah? You could almost feel the miracle. And this book took me back to those sweet memories, albeit in llama form.

At less than 75 words. I still don’t understand how this book covers so much. Laura’s expert word choices and Lydia’s clever illustrations will be adored by all young readers, whether they are familiar with everything Hanukkah or whether they are being introduced to the holiday for the first time. An Author’s Note at the end goes further in depth for curious children (and their parents) who want to learn more.

This book has been requested repeatedly at my house and, to be perfectly honest, I’m still enjoying it on the 25th read through! It’s a win all around. And, did I mention the adorable llamas?

To enter for a chance to win this book, subscribe to my blog here and retweet the giveaway on twitter. Tag some friends you think might enjoy winning this book too. The winner can select their preferred Indie bookstore from which the book will be purchased.

And don’t forget about the other #KidLitHoliYAY giveaways:
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Day 4: Nicole Loos Miller features HAPPY LLAMAKKAH! by Laura Gehl and (Right here! You made it!)
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You can enter EACH and EVERY giveaway this week – that’s a chance to earn 6 books AND a critique! Talk about HoliYAY Cheer (sorry – I couldn’t resist)! This giveaways will end on Sunday, December 6th at 5 P.M. Pacific Time (8 P.M. Eastern) and the winner will be announced on Monday, December 7th.

**Sorry to our international friends! The book giveaways are for U.S. residents only, BUT, on Sunday, Maryna will be wrapping up the giveaway with an extra special prize: a 15-min. Q&A phone call with author Valerie Bolling or a PB MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE from her! The critique is open to all!

Published by Nicole Loos Miller

Mama, LCSW, member of SCBWI and 12x12. Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes and I never get enough sleep. Also, I think you are great.

15 thoughts on “#KidLitHoliYAY: Day 4

  1. Excellent review, Nicole! I’m going right now to reserve this from my Library. I can’t wait and I truly can’t believe the word count. Now that I’ve got to see!

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